He was born in Thessaloniki ,Greece in 1954
1973-1978 studies in printmaking and stage design, in the Fine Arts School of Athens, Greece. He graduated with honours in 1978.From 1981 till 1985 he continued his studies in painting in the E.N.S.B.A. of Paris, France.
 He is Professor of Printmaking and till 2014 directed  the Printmaking Studio of the Visual and Applied  Arts Deapartment of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. From 2011 till 2014 he was the Chairman of the Visual and Applied Arts Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2014 he was elected Dean of the Fine Arts Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
 He was awarded with the XIX Alexandria, biennial, Egypt, prize for printmaking.
He took part as a speaker in the IMPACT 2003, Printmaking conference in Cape Town, South Africa. During the IMPACT 2005 in Berlin and Poznan, Poland, he presented his work in the National Museum of Art in Poznan. In 2007 he took part as a speaker in the IMPACT 2007 conference that was held In Tallinn.  


He was a member of the organizig commette and a speaker in three international Printmaking conferences in Greece,In 2009 in Chios island and Thessaloniki and in 2010 in Florina.
 In 1997 he established with E. Giannadakis the printmaking Center of Neapolis , Thessaloniki, Greece. From 2006 and on he is the Artistic Director of the Neapolis printmaking Center where he organizes exhibitions and artists residencies.
 He is in charge of 23 European ERASMUS exchange cultural programs.
 He published two books in Athens, concerning the concept of the contemporary printmaking in 2008 and 2010











-French Institute Thessaloniki, Greece, 1977-1993-1994
- NEES MORFES Gallery ,Athens 1978-1984
-EPIPEDA Gallery, Athens, Greece,1988-1991        -la SERRE Gallery St Etienne France 1993-1995
-IRMOS Gallery ,Thessaloniki, Greece, 1990-1998-2002-2004-2007-2009
-THEMA Gallery ,Athens 1996
-PARATIRITIS Gallery Thessaloniki, 1995-2000
-ZERO Gallery Barcelona ,Spain 2000
-GRAFICKI KOLECTIF Gallery Belgrade ,Serbja. 2002
-THE SEASONS Gallery, Athens, 2003
-GREEK  CULTURAL CENTER Stokholm, Sweeden, 2004
-TO MILO Gallery , Athens, Greece, September 2005
-MACEDONIAN MODERN ART MUSEUM, Thessaloniki, Greece ,October 2007
-RED GALLERY, Athens, October 2007
-IANUS Gallery, Athens,2008

-WOZOWNIA Gallery,Torun, Poland, 2009
-IRMOS Gallery, Thessaloniki,Greece, 2009
-Museum of Contemporary Art, Florina, Greece, 2011 
-Fizz Gallery, Athens, 2011
-Telloglion Foundation Gallery, Thessaloniki,Greece, 2014

-ART FORUM Gallery Thessaloniki, Greece, 2014


-EXPLODING, Municipal Gallery, Athens, Parko Eleftherias, 2014

- PSYCHOWRITINGS,  University of Fine Arts , UNARTE, Bucharest, Roumania, April 2015

-THE LOST REASON-KAPNOS, Municipality of Dresden, Germany, February 2016

Selected printing group exhibitions

-1992,1995, 1999,-12th,13th,14th, Woodcut Trien. Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

-Xylon 94, Schwezingen, Germany, on invitation

-1995 Printmaking Biennial, Sofia, Bulgaria

-21 Printing Bien. Loubjana,1995, Slovenia

-1997 International Print Exhibition, Portland Art Museum, Oregon 

-3d ,4th Belgrade Graphic Biennial , Serbia

-8th-9th-11th-12th-13th VARNA, Printmaking Bien.1995,1997,2001,2003,2005, Bulgaria

-4th GYOR Printmaking Bien. 1997, Hungary, on invitation

-1998-2003 KRAKOW Printmaking Trien.

-11th TALLINN Trien.1998, Estonia 

-3d MINIPRINT Trien. Lachti,1998, Finland  

-12th FRDRIKSTAD Printmaking Trien.1999, Norway 

-1999, Triennial of Krakow in Nurenberg, Germany and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

-1999 XIV Premio Internazionale, Biella, Italia, on invitation

-2000 Printmaking International Triennial,Bitola ,FYROM

-2000,2003-10th,11th Woodcut Bien. GELNIAK, Jelena Gora, Poland

-2001 Small Form Printmaking Bien,.Cremona, Italia

-2001 5th Printmaking Trien. Aqui Therme. Ovada Italia 

-5th,6th,8th CHAMALIERS Miniprint Trien. France,2002,2005,2010

-2003 7 GREEK PRINTMAKERS,Royal Printers Society, London

-2003 2nd Drawing Trien. , Wroclaw,Poland

-TORUN trien. COLOUR IN GRAPHIC, 2003,2006,2009, Poland, on invitation

-EUROPRINT Trien, Falun, Sweeden 2001-2004, on invitation

-SIGGRAF, 2004, Los Angeles

-2004 4th Drawing Bien. Pilsen, Chec Repuplic

-2005 Miniprint Trien., Tokyo, Japan

-PRINTMAKING FESTIVAL, EVORA, Portugal, 2004,2006 

-2005 MONOPRINTS, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

-2005 MONOPRINTS, Greek American Union Gallery, Athens

-2006 5th CAIRO Printmaking Bien., Egypt

-2006 INKLANDIA International Printmaking exhibition, Purdue University Gallery, West Lafayette, Indiana USA

-2007 Exbition of the print collection of the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

-2008 American Printmaking Bien., Austin , Texas, U.S.A.

- 1997,1999,2001,2003,2007,2009 Uzice Dry Point Biennial, Serbja

-2009 Liege Graphic Biennial, Belgium

-2009 Printmaking Museum of Athens,(Grigorakis),summer exhibition 2009

-2009 Collaboration with Prof. Kathryn Reeves in an international project, involving international and American artists. 

-2009 New aquisitions of the National Gallery of Greece,Sifnos Island ,Greece

-2009 FLUID IDENTITY,Patras Municipal Gallery, Patras Greece, Curating Macedonian Museum of Modern Art 

-2010,2011 ACTION FIELD “KODRA”, Thessaloniki, Greece

-2011 IMPRINT Trien.Warsaw, Poland

-2011 Printmaking Trien.,Belgrade, Serbja

-2011 Hidden treasures  of the National Gallery of Greece,Athens 

-2011  Group Exhibition , TAF GALLERY, Athens, Greece

-2012, Ioannidios High School, Athens, Greece

-2012  R.Thimonier Collection, Vafopoulion, Municipal Center, Thessaloniki

-2012, ARTIST CAUSA Gallery, Printmaking Studio of the Fine Arts School , Thessaloniki

-2012, Six Greek Printmakers, Schwezingen Museum of Woodcut, Germany

-2012 Participation in the edition of the folio Critical Mass by Richard Noyce, it was edited by the Printmaking Department of the Arts and Design Faculty, Milwakee University, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

-2012 7th Printmaking Triennial, Colour in Graphic Art, Torun , Poland

-2012, Exhibition of Thessaloniki Municipal Gallery in the Central Municipal Gallery MANEGE in St. Petesberg, Russia

-2012, POLYMORFIES, Fizz Gallery, Athens, Greece ,Collaboration of the Gallery and The Art Newspaper of Athens

-2012 12th Woodcut Triennial Competition , GIELNIAK, Jelenia Gora, Poland 

-2012 “From Dry point to the Pixel”, Prisma Gallery, Krakow, Poland

-2012, Printfest ,Melina Athens Exhibition Center, Greece

-2012, Experimental Printmaking Triennial LEEB, Bucharest, Romania

-2012, Gllery Zejscie, Krakow, Poland

-2103, CAMP Gallery, Athens, Greece

-2013, Krakow Triennial in Kunstler House, Vienna, Austria

-2013, Group Exhibition, SPACE 18, Thessaloniki, Greece

-2013, Printmaking Municipal Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

-2014, Krakow  Printmaking Triennial, Dalarnas Museum, Sweden 

-2013, Gallery Ppatzikou , Veria, Greece

-2014, ΑRT ATHINA, Gallery Art Forum, Greece

-2013 CRITICAl  MASS 44ARTISTS FOLIO. Milwakee INSTITUTE OF Art and Design, University  of

Wisconsin, Milwakee,  USA,, March 

-2013 CRITICAL MASS 44 ARTISTS FOLIO, Center of the Applied Arts,  University of Vienna,  Austria,


-2013CRITICAL MASS 44 ARTIST FOLIO,Projecto ACE, Buenos Ayres, Argentina,. November

-2013 CRITICAL MASS, 44 ARTISTS  FOLIO, Little Gallery, University of Calgary,  Canada,  June,

-2014 12th   Gelniak Competition,   Sztuki Gallery,, Legnica, Poland, January

-2014 12th Gelniak Competotion, Museum Okregowe im Leona, Wyczolkowskiego, Bydgosz, Poland,


-2014 12th Gelniak Competition, Museum Tkactwa, Kammineejgo, Poland, June

-2014 CRITICAL MASS 44 ARTISTS FOLIO, Gale Rika, Makarska Gallery,  Croatia,,  February

-2014 CRITICAL MASS 44 ARTISTS FOLIO, 20TH International Print Trien.  Krakow, Poland

- 2014 «Angels Step» Gallery:, Printmaking group exhibition ,  student and staff  team of Prof. X.

Sachinis,  Athens, December

- 2015 State Museum of Modern Art,  Artsts Professors of the Visual and Applied Arts Department

of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,  February

- 2015 ART AND POLITICS , The Loft Gallery,  Athens, April,

- 2015 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL  SYSTEMS, Curator Em. Mavrommatis,, ART ATHINA 2015,  Athens,  


- 2015 Macedonian Museum of Modern Art,  Thessaloniki, Οctober

- 2016 100 years GREEK PRINTMAKING,  KOLIALI  Collection  Istanboul,  Turkey, March